About Creggan Enterprises

We believe that future success depends on investment in people, especially the young…


Co-operation and Partnership
We at Creggan Enterprises Limited (CEL) are working to address the social and economic needs of the local community. It is our belief that community economic development such as we promote is a vital component in the creation of a sustainable and healthy neighbourhood.

If areas such as Creggan, Bogside and surrounding districts are to have any meaningful economic opportunities, we must operate as a unit with all sectors supporting and sustaining the community. Experience has shown that it makes little sense to build houses or create a new housing development scheme that is isolated from employment opportunities. We must develop a common understanding of the nature of a community and its problems, and create a vision based on the premise that local development should be community-led.

The regeneration of economically depressed areas like Creggan must combine economic, physical, social and human development through local ownership of initiatives within their localities.

Through its activities, and through local ownership of redundant land at Bligh’s Lane, CEL has created the successful Ráth Mór Business and Community Enterprise Centre, and ensured that all of the benefits from this Social Economy initiative are reinvested in the local community and its people.

Spirit of Self-help
Success is dependent on effective co-operation in which all social partners share a common goal and vision. They must target resources and use their skills, expertise and collective power to build a sustainable local economy and community.

The future lies with our children and with those groups who have the foresight to see what fundamental changes in policy and thinking are required to address the needs of communities such as Creggan. CEL believes that future success depends on investment in people – especially the young. Many of the current policies for promoting job creation and tackling unemployment and social exclusion fail to meet the real needs of families and the unemployed. Because of such failures, many communities can become disaffected and excluded. However, over the past 50 years, local groups, schools and the people of Creggan have shown the determination and the vision to promote and fight for their area. Many lessons can be learnt from the residents of Creggan, and the spirit of self-help which best describes their endeavours.

We believe that our success will further help to place Creggan on the agenda of government agencies, city council, policy makers and planners. We will continue to argue for what we believe to be the best stategies for targeting resources and building equality of opportunity for the local community.

Creggan Enterprises is a social economy initiative that was established in 1991. It has attracted in excess of £9 million to the area through the various projects and programmes it has initiated through a process of local ownership of knowledge, land and resources now located at the Ráth Mór Community and Business Centre.

Creggan Enterprises has since its inception:
• Created 190 jobs to date within Creggan as a direct result of the 32 various enterprises and projects located at Ráth Mór, with an estimated £2.5 million per annum in wages being earned, spent and circulated within the local community.
• Allocated £95,000 surplus profits to local groups, charities and projects.

Creggan Enterprises is not just about financial profit – it is about the common good, which seeks to strengthen the economic and social infrastructure of the community that actively helps to promote progress towards a more socially just and inclusive society.
Its focus is the economic, health and social wellbeing of Creggan and surrounding environs.

Board of Directors / Staff
Creggan Enterprises Board of Directors and staff consist of the following and has been recognised for being proactive and innovative and is drawn from members of the local community, private and social economy sectors:
• Anne Molloy (Chairperson)
• Joe McFeely (Secretary)
• John Bradley (Treasurer)
• Pauline McClenaghan (Director)
• Eugene Gallagher (Director)
• Garvan O’Doherty (Director)
• Conal McFeely (Development Executive)