Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to CE staff, tenants (and their employees) and all customers/clients of the centre.
To make sure Creggan Enterprises provides a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment for everyone within the grounds at Rath Mor, you must not:

• behave antisocially including swearing, shouting, blocking walkways or public areas, acting dangerously.
• display notices or wear clothing that other people may find inappropriate or offensive.
• misuse access points (doors), stairs or lifts.
• sit on barriers, fences or railings.
• use scooters, rollerblades, rollerskates or skateboards on the grounds.
• cycle in any areas other than on roads and parking places.
• smoke, except in designated areas outside the centre.
• use fire escapes, except in an emergency.
• use or leave shopping trolleys in non-designated areas.
• bring animals or pets (except assistance dogs) into public areas.
• sell goods, carry out surveys or interviews, hand out leaflets or busk without the Centre’s express permission.
• drink alcohol anywhere on the grounds.
• commit acts of damage or theft.

Creggan Enterprises reserves the right to escort anyone found to not be abiding by this Code from the premises and to ban individuals from entering the centre in future. Where necessary, the police shall be called for assistance.
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