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Unheard Voices commenced in September 2013 with financial support from the International Fund for Ireland through their Peace Impact Programme (PIP).

The project was launched on the 6th March 2014, around International Women’s Day because of the significance the date held. It coincided with many events and celebrations taking place throughout the world at that time. Many women were recognised for their achievements and their work highlighted around International Women’s day, however we are also reminded of the inequalities that still need to be addressed.

Women and the Women’s sector have traditionally been excluded or sidelined from peace building yet throughout the conflict women very often held the fabric of society together. Unheard Voices is a unique platform for local women, who have never had their voices heard.

The project was initiated by Creggan Enterprises and it was decided from an early stage that its success would only be guaranteed if it was brought out to the wider community and individual neighbourhoods who suffered directly during the conflict. This is happening with workshops, activities, visits and group meetings taking place throughout the city.

Women are starting to come forward through the Unheard Voices Project to speak out after many years of silence; women are encouraged to participate, they are gaining experiences so that doors will open for them for an easier pathway to community engagement, creating learning / skills and even employment opportunities.

Creggan Enterprises

Many communities and hundreds of individuals have engaged in a vast range of programmes and activities initiated and promoted by Creggan Enterprises, designed to create the framework for economic and social renewal but also its many peace building interventions initiated to address the legacy of the Conflict and its impact on local communities.

Creggan Enterprises believe women are key to peace building as they play a central role within the home and communities. We believe the establishment of cross community links between individuals and diverse of groups will enable us to assist the ongoing process of peace building.