The Unheard Voices

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Building Reconciliation and Enabling Diversity

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The Unheard Voices is a project aimed to engage marginalized women to build sustainable peace and prosperity in areas suffering from high levels of economic and social deprivation focusing on and addressing some of the most sensitive complex and challenging issues where there are low levels of engagement in peace building activities. Women are key to peace building as we play such a central role within the home and communities.

The Unheard Voices programme will:

  • Engage individual women and women’s groups that have not previously or only partially participated in community development and peace building activities
  • Increase contact, dialogue, sharing and integration within and between communities; support creative and innovative approaches to dealing with contentious issues
  • Build cohesion within and between communities to deliver improved relationships
  • Promote greater understanding and acceptance of diversity between communities
  • Target the engagement and participation of disaffected young people
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Mission Statement

To help reconcile communities and engage in peace building and repairing relationships in order to achieve a lasting, stable and peaceful future for all.

To enable communities to accept diversity, traditions and cultural diversity that exists and provide opportunities for women to explore other cultures, building tolerance, trust and respect by enhancing awareness of others’ identity, values and beliefs.

Creggan Enterprises

Creggan Enterprises is not just about financial profit – it is also about the common good, which seeks to strengthen economic and social infrastructure, respects cultural diversity and embraces environmental protection.

This co-operative approach is based on the belief that working collectively benefits more people than individuals working in isolation for private gain.

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Co-ordinator: Carol Cunningham

Finance Administrator: Barbara Wosser

Support by funding from:

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The Unheard Voices
Unit B2, Ráth Mór Centre, Creggan,
Bligh’s Lane, Derry  BT48 0LZ
Tel: (028) 7137 3170

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